Final Fantasy VIII – Abolishing the silly Random rule in space.

Triple Triad Drama

When I first played this game back in 99, I had no idea you can manipulate the card rules. I wasn’t even aware of how they spread! That Random rule was the end of me! When I got to space the Alexander and Laguna cards were a pain. I don’t think I ever got them back then.

I made a quick video on how to abolish this terrible rule! You can get rid of the rules before going to space, but this method eliminated Random every time on this save.

Hope this can help someone! Go grab the Laguna and Alexander cards!

Final Fantasy VIII – Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII – Remastered

Ask and you shall receive!

Not too long ago I made a post of my love for Final Fantasy VIII. Now look at what we have here! Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! While it is not a complete remake of the original, it’ll be a complete re-polish. I’ll take it! Remember how fuzzy all of the character faces were in the original?

Words can’t express how happy this rerelease makes me! I look forward to playing this again….later this year! Square Enix did hear us after all!