Tekken 7 – Season 3

We’re getting a season 3!

Congratulations to Arslan Ash, our 2019 Evo champion! This really felt like a storybook ending! He came into the Tekken scene not too long ago dominating and beating up some of the worlds best Tekken players. To see him fight through visa issues to consistently beat the Tekken GOAT Knee was really something to witness!


After that nail-biting grand finals, we got some more good ass Tekken news! It looks like 4 more characters have been announced along with some additional features. Namco has revealed the returning Zafina and a completely new character Leroy Smith!

Not a fan of Zafina from a competitive standpoint with her awkward style. Gonna have to hit the lab hard with this one. Her redesign is excellent though! I think it will definitely help bring more popularity to the character.

When Leroy was first revealed going Ip Man on the post–I could only see his clothes and I automatically assumed it was Wang Jinrei. I was then immediately confused once his face was revealed like “Who is this guy?”


I love his design and I wonder if he will share any of Wang’s moves as I hear they have similar fighting styles. Wang was one of the characters I was hoping would make a return. I am excited to drop into practice mode and see what he is all about.

I love what Namco is doing with Tekken. Keep killing it with the content!

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