Get Packed – Google Stadia

The featured game “Get Packed” for Stadia has caught my eye! I hate moving! Then again, who really enjoys the process of moving?

It looks like all you will have to do is pack your moving truck! But there seems to be a ton of hazards you will have to deal with at the same time. In a way, it reminds me of Overcooked a bit–only without the kitchen! My previous post was about accessible co-op games you could play with a s/o or friend, so I wanted to talk about this one quickly.

It looks like it will be released next year 2020 for the Stadia. I’ll be keeping an eye out on this one.

Looking like some more couch co-op fun!

Google has just released some details about its streaming service Stadia. Stadia is set to release some time in November. You will need to preorder The Founders Edition for $129 to get in on the early fun.

Full details here!

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